Integration of Uherské Hradiště public transport with IDZK

From July 1, 2023, there will be full integration of public transport (public transport) in the neighborhood of Uherská Hradiště – Staré Město – Kunovice with the system of Integrated Transport of the Zlín Region (IDZK). The price for individual fares in the entire neighborhood will be CZK 15, both on buses operated by the Zlín Region and on public transport lines. Each ticket will be transferable within 45 minutes of issue. The price will thus be 3 kroner lower than the current transfer ticket, on the contrary, 3 kroner higher than the current non-transfer fare, which will cease to exist as a result of this step. It will be possible to transfer between two public transport buses, two regional buses, and between a regional bus and a public transport bus. • Fare subscription prices will remain the same as before, they will now apply to all means of transport, including trains. • It will be possible to pay with bank cards and Apple Pay/Google Pay on all buses. • All regular discounts will apply. • Transferability of individual fares will apply to all payment methods, i.e. cash or bank card. • There will be a new advantageous annual ticket for 3285 CZK in the basic price.