Remote identity authentication

Remote identity verification As of July 1, 2022, a new functionality will be added to the e-shop that allows remote verification of identity and eligibility for a discount without the customer having to visit a pre-sale location in person. The functionality consists of the customer being able to upload in the Personal Details section, in addition to a photo as well as a personal document. Specifically, an ID card or passport is accepted, or, in the case of children under 15, a birth certificate. Students aged 18-26 can also fill in their ISIC card number or upload national student (orange) card. Uploaded documents will be assessed individually to ensure that the details on the document match the completed details on the e-shop and if the details are correct, the passenger will be set up with an account as verified and the corresponding (discount) profile will also be set. The customer will be informed of any changes regarding approval or rejection via email. For whom is the news intended and what can the functionality be used for: (a) children up to 15 years old: they can order a new Zetka from home with profile 1 (child 6-15) and follow-up profile (student 15-18), after uploading a birth certificate (or ID card) or passport) (b) Children and students aged 15-18: can order a new Zetka with profile from home (student 15-18), after uploading their ID card or passport c) students aged 18 to 26: can order a new Zetka from home, after uploading ID card or passport + filling in the ISIC number or uploading a copy national student ID card (student profile will be set up for students by 30.9. The student ID card will be issued on 30/30 of the following year. After this date, the student must provide a valid student ID or ISIC, but only physically and with the Zetka card in the information office. d) Citizens over 65 years of age: they can order a new Zetka with profile from home (person 65+) and a follow-up profile (Senior 70+), after uploading their ID card or travel passport. e) ZTP or ZTP/P card holders: can order a new Zetka from home with a profile (ZTP or ZTP/P) after uploading their ZTP card or ZTP/P card. Detailed information on how to upload documents can be found in the document "General Business Terms and Conditions"